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Our Values
Our team consists of dedicated problem solving marketers with a deep desire to learn, solve problems and win.
Client-Centric Approach
We put our clients above all else with a focus on results, transparent communication and quick turn around times.
Our passion has always been overcoming problems and within an ever changing real estate landscape we see opportunities for us and our clients to persevere.
About Augmented
The 3 Things That Determine Agent Success
The three main things that will determine your success are:
  1. You
  1. Your Funnel
  1. Skills
One of these will always be the constraint. Once you figure it out and remove the constraint, you will experience the next period of growth in your business.

Then, you will hit another constraint.

Then, you will solve it.

Then you will grow even more.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

It doesn't take much, before you will find yourself in the Top 0.1% of agents or teams, and then you will understand everything I am talking about here.

For most people, they are the problem. They cannot focus. They do not have a plan. They lack the skills. The lack the work ethic.

For others, their funnel is the problem. They do not have a predictable and scalable way to get leads.

For the rest, their skills are the problem. They do not have the necessary skills to convert leads, scale and build their real estate business.

Augmented addresses the biggest problem your Funnel while helping you solve the other two. You will become better. You will build a complete lead generation funnel. You will level up.
Additional 100k Per Year or More In Take Home Profit
The purpose of Augmented is very simple.
It is to help you add an additional 6 figures per year in actual profit, not revenue, or GCI.
  1. Help you undergo a complete transformation in terms of the way that you get business
  1. Help you create a truly irresistible offer that will set your target market on fire.
  1. Help you create a full lead gen funnel with a systematic way to get clients.
  1. Give you the systems you need to be able to follow up with, and convert leads
  1. Give you real-time feedback and hold you accountable.
The Short & Long Game
The ultimate goal is to add an additional 100k per year or more in take-home profit, but what about the short term?
The first 30 days of the Augmented Program are focused on getting you up and running with predictable systems as quickly as possible
  1. Our YouTube ads system will help you capture more quality leads with less time spent working them.
  1. Our Operations System and CRM will help you streamline your operations, allowing you to get more done with less.
  1. Our Follow Up & Appointment Setting Scripts
  1. Set Up Your Email Flows
  1. Create Your Lead Magnets
Implementing the Augmented Funnel and systems is a long-term plan, but you will have predictable lead flow within 30 days or less.
When You Don't Have The Right Systems, It Is Like Running On A Treadmill
If you had the right offers, systems, habits and funnel, you would already be in the Top 0.1% and would have no need for this. But, you don't, right? You are on this page for a reason.

Unless you have the right offer, systems, habits and funnel, operating your business is like running a treadmill. You will be working very hard, but you will not be going anywhere.

This is a very discouraging feeling that every agent has experienced at some point.
The Situation For The Average Agent or Real Estate Business
Here is a description of the average Real Estate Business:
  1. Nothing unique about the offer. All of their competitors can do the same thing for the same commission with just as good results.
  1. Almost all clients come from referrals. This is a good sign but it is out of our control and we cannot scale a business like that.
  1. Little to no content. No valuable Instagram or LinkedIn posts. No YouTube presence. Newsletter sent out once per month or once per quarter (if at all).
  1. Can't get ads to work. Not getting any meetings or all of the meetings are with garbage leads, or not doing ads altogether. ‍
  1. Operations are a mess and a huge cause of fear in terms of growth. No system, no plan, no SOPs, no training, no way to put it all together and have time to serve their clients every month.
  1. Don't know or track any important metrics. What is their CAC? What is their LTV: CAC Ratio? What is their listing/buyers appt - close rate? How many meetings do they schedule? The answer is all the same, "I have no idea." And they have no idea, because they do not track it.
This is what happens when you do not have the systems you need.
If You Aren't Growing, It Is Because You Do Not Deserve To Grow
This is one of the most important things to get through a person's mind.

"My business is not growing."

"Well, do you have a lead gen funnel?"


"Do you run ads?


"Do you post content?"


"Do you have a follow up system?"


"Do you try to partner with other businesses and refer back and forth?"


"Do you have any lead magnets or conversion mechanisms?


"What's your cost per lead or cost per client?"

"No idea, never tracked it."

It is not hard to see why the average agent doesn't succeed.
Why not just do it yourself?
It is possible to build out this system just by following Io's YouTube videos, but it will take years of trial and error, refinement, and probably cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Why would you want to do that instead of doing it in a month for a fraction of the price?

If you’re going to do it, it would be illogical to make it take 10x as long and cost 10x as much.
Why not join a different program?
If you’ve read up to this point, you can probably tell that this is the right choice.

There is no other program designed to help you grow to $100k, $200k, $500k or past $1 million per year.

- A complete funnel
- Irresistible offer
- All the systems (follow up, operations, CRM etc)
- Skills

Augmented addresses all four and gives you exact plans, steps and frameworks to follow to achieve all.
The results you can expect
There are 7 core results inside the Augmented Program, each worth the price of admission on their own.
You will get everything you need to go from where you are now to multiple 6 figures per year in take-home profit.
  1. You will have a real lead generation funnel that converts cold traffic which means you will never have to rely on referrals ever again.
  1. You will have multiple lead streams for your business which means it will be more stable, scalable, and more valuable.
  1. You will have higher margins (operations system) which means you will be able to build a team who will help you grow instead of being a burden.
  1. You will have an ad funnel that actually works which means you will be able to get as many customers as you can handle.
  1. Your content will lead to you being sought after by clients, instead of the other way around which means you can charge higher commissions.
  1. You will have a truly irresistible offer which means it will be much easier to sell and you will generate way more leads.
  1. You will have a killer appointment setting, follow up and nurturing system which means you will book more appointments and you will close more than ever before.
Why choose us?
Honest Marketing
Instead of your leads avoiding your calls and making up excuses, we build the connection between you and your leads automatically so they're actually waiting for your call.
High Quality Guaranteed
Say goodbye to the tire kickers from Facebook Lead Ads. Now your seller leads have to jump through hoops to give you their information, so you know they're serious.
Time & Cost Efficiency
Never burn time calling leads for hours every week and never pay for a calling team again. Our seller leads are top quality, so you'll only receive a few great leads every week.
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